Run OSS like a Boss

Machine intelligence for Ops teams running open-source software at scale


Run open-source distributed systems at scale and with less stress

Deploy in Minutes

Our agent takes just minutes to install and starts generating insights in hours and days — not weeks and months. Vorstella works wherever you run clusters, on-prem or in the cloud.

Gain Visibility

Vorstella’s algorithms continually learn and auto-tune to your infrastructure environment, freeing you from uncertainty, cluttered dashboards, and alert fatigue.

Pinpoint Root Cause

Vorstella makes it possible to pinpoint root cause and quickly understand incidents in context, removing doubt, speeding resolution times, and promoting long-term fixes.

60% Reduction in Latency

Learn how Vorstella’s technology helped a large, publicly traded bank dramatically cut latency in their consumer-facing applications

“Vorstella is like having hundreds of distributed systems experts watching your cluster 24 hours a day.”

  • Collect
  • Analyze
  • Prevent
  • Optimize


Vorstella’s collectors capture detailed data from both the system and environment telemetry, enabling the discovery of deep insights into the relationships between every layer of the stack. Vorstella operates in real time, detecting important events such as configuration changes, SLA violations, and anomalous behavior in key indicators.


Data is sent to Vorstella’s cloud, where machine learning models conduct real-time analysis. Our service extracts and identifies anomalous requests, performance outliers, violations of seasonal trend, changes in configuration or topology, and best practices violations. As Vorstella processes more information, it gains unique predictive capabilities, learning how actions affect the system over time.


Detecting that something is wrong is only the first step of effective operations. Because Vorstella has seen hundreds of deployments, our technology is quickly able to correlate your specific issue to its likely root cause, and recommend steps to remediate the issue — no more generic alerts.


Unlike monitoring tools — which can only detect if a pre-configured threshold has been exceeded or rule has been triggered — Vorstella is able to make contextual recommendations based on workload levels it has seen in the past. Operators get automated suggestions for optimal hardware configurations, system settings and changes to their application.

Run World-Class Systems at Scale

Our algorithms do the heavy lifting for you, analyzing thousands of data points to surface relevant information you can quickly understand and act on

Surface what matters

We parse through thousands of metrics to surface only the relevant information. Stop digging through docs and dashboards to understand metric names and correlate disparate data.

Scale expertise on demand

Our systems don't get tired. It's like having 100 experts closely watching every aspect of your deployment. Confidently support as many clusters as your dev teams need.

Solve issues instantly

We use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to group relevant events and identify which event is the most likely root cause of an issue. Get right to the source of the problem, with actionable advice to fix it.

15-minute install

Our service doesn't require you to re-platform any of your services. Simply include our collector in your build script and we can start collecting data and sending you insights.

Continuous tuning

Our models have seen thousands of deployments. They can customize their recommendations to your unique workloads and find configuration settings to improve performance.

Eliminate waste

Most clusters are overprovisioned to offset risk. Deep visibility into runtime history lets us recommend actions to reduce overhead and keep your systems running efficiently.

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