A smarter way to manage your data infrastructure

Vorstella is an A.I. agent that stabilizes and optimizes your data platforms. Empower your team to run the tech you want, at the scale you need.

Let the machines do the dirty work

Running at scale can quickly overwhelm your ops team. Empower them to keep all their deployments up and performant with Vorstella.

Stop diving through infrastructure source code

You don't have time to be an expert in everything. We combine domain knowledge in the most popular data infastructure technologies with AI to reduce noise and make our alerts and recommendations clear and digestible.


Go from dashboards and logs to actionable insights

Nobody has 12 hours to analyze logs and graphs for hundreds of servers every time an issue pops up. Our algorithms can detect and correlate anomalies across thousands of metrics in real-time.


Free your team from ops toil

Expertise doesn't transfer well, so your go-to experts get overworked until they burn out. They need help. Algorithms learn from what they see so you never have to suffer from the same issue twice, and you benefit from issues and resolutions we've seen in other clusters we observe.


Book a demo to see it live

Customer story: 99% faster issue resolution at a global investment bank

The team in charge of the entire bank's data infrastructure spent 8 months hunting down an obscure bug, to no avail. With Vorstella, they found and fixed the issue in one day.


A DevOps team building analytics software for securities trading adopted distributed data technologies to increase speed and scale. When they ran into production issues, they weren't sure if they would hit their delivery timelines, putting their project at risk.


The team installed Vorstella collector agents on their clusters, allowing our algorithms to detect the root cause of their most pressing issues and is currently enabling the team to accelerate their migration to Cassandra with less risk.


  • Expertise on demand: With Vorstella's software the existing team felt comfortable supporting open source Cassandra without relying on expensive consultants and support contracts.
  • Instant insights: The team didn't have to replatform their deployment. They just installed the collector and we immediately began analyzing the data to find the issue.
  • Surface what matters: Without any dedicated experts, the team uses Vorstella to break down complex metrics into understandable events that are relevant to meeting their availability and performance goals.

Close your skills gap in 15 minutes

Vorstella is deployment-agnostic and can be installed in minutes. Whether you’re running on-prem or in the cloud, you’re a download away from expert-level observability.


Get API key, ship data

You send telemetry data to our cloud via our lightweight collector agents. It takes minutes to install and we never collect any user data or sensitive information.


Get stuff done

Our AI analyzes your cluster's raw data stream in real-time, looking for anomalies and patterns and mapping them to situations it's seen before, building a deep understanding of your system’s behavior.


Get insights

When your cluster is about to become unstable, or when it’s over or under-provisioned, we’ll notify you with contextual alerts and actionable guidance to fix the problem.

See what your dashboards are missing