Unlimited expertise, on call 24/7

Get A.I. powered insights to troubleshoot issues, improve performance, and reduce costs of your mission-critical Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and Kafka deployments.

Expert guidance throughout your deployment lifecycle


Full visibility

We parse through thousands of metrics to surface only the relevant information. Stop digging through docs and dashboards to understand metric names and correlate disparate data.


Expertise on demand

Our systems don't get tired. It's like having 100 experts closely watching every aspect of your deployment. Confidently support as many clusters as your dev teams need.


Jump to the root cause

We use sophisticated machine learning algorithms to group relevant events and identify which event is the most likely root cause of an issue. Get right to the source of the problem, with actionable advice to fix it.


Install in minutes

Our service doesn't require you to re-platform any of your services. Simply include our collector in your build script and we can start collecting data and sending you insights.


Continuous tuning

Our models have seen thousands of deployments. They can customize their recommendations to your unique workloads and find configuration settings to improve performance.


Eliminate waste

Most clusters are overprovisioned to offset risk. Deep visibility into runtime history lets us recommend actions to reduce overhead and keep your systems running efficiently.

Customer story: increasing confidence at a large consumer bank

A large commercial bank was struggling to innovate in a highly regulated environment. Here's how we empowered them to support 10x more deployments with no additional staff.


After early success with some pilot projects on cloud-native tech like Cassandra and Spark, a DevOps team at a leading consumer bank found themselves unable to repeat their initial wins as the number of use cases and scale demands increased. The team that scaled to support the pilot projects didn't have enough bandwidth to tackle the workload when more developers asked for support.


The DevOps team installed Vorstella as part of their standard image build and now receives insights and recommendations to help meet SLAs.


  • Focus on what matters: Without the burden of ramp time and complex issue resolution, the team can devote time to higher priority work.
  • Scale to demand: Without the operations bottleneck, developers across the organization can now use the tech they want.
  • Reduce waste: A 50% cost reduction was found by detecting chronic underutilization.
  • Improve performance: A 60% latency reduction was achieved by applying recommendations generated from our autotuning algorithms.

Proactive data infrastructure management

Contextual alerts and actionable insights

We combine domain knowledge with our models so the insights and recommendations we show you are clear and digestible.


Works with your favorite monitoring tools.

You want to work in your command center, with your favorite tools. All of our insights and recommendations can easily be imported into your existing monitoring infrastructure like Grafana.


Measure what matters

Every workload exhibits unique system behavior. We learn how key indicators behave under your workloads to identify what you need to know, and when you need to know it.


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